Abilene Mixed Martial Arts

Abilene Mixed Martial Arts Classes and
Best After School Karate Program

Location of Abilene Mixed Martial ArtsWe are located right in front of the old Walmart building on Judge Ely.  You will see the Moving Guys vans out front!
425 N Judge Ely
Abilene TX 79601

Features Of Abilene Mixed Martial Arts

  • EXPERT INSTRUCTION – All classes taught by certified instructors.
  • BEST AFTER SCHOOL KARATE PROGRAM – we pick children up after school and teach self-discipline through karate
  • STRUCTURED CURRICULUM with tailored programs for children and adults.
  • KARATE SYSTEMS – grounded in timeless traditions with practical applications for today’s challenges.
  • EARN UP TO 8 BLACK BELTS with numerous other martial arts mixed in for fun.
  • BEHRING JIU-JITSU – the world’s most effective ground defense system.
  • CARDIO KARATE – kick and punch your way to cardiovascular fitness while honing self-defense skills.
  • Spacious, clean, well-equipped school
  • Padded floor for safe training
  • Guest observation/waiting area

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